Make a Simple Lava Lamp

When we were visiting Old Town Elementary yesterday (more about that later!), one of the students asked if we knew how to make a lava lamp.  That was a good question, so I found some directions today for how to make one using simple materials.  What color food coloring will you use in your lava lamp?

How to Make a Lava Lamp


Making Rainbows


Want to make your own rainbow?  It’s really easy, and you’ll understand how rainbows happen.

Take-away Science Fun

I’ve been thinking that we need to have a “take-away”, especially at the Star Parties – something  that kids could participate in creating, and then take home with them.  We’ve thought about having something to give – stickers, pencils, etc, but in keeping with the interactive theme of ACCHaoS, I think some they make and take is appropriate.

Of course, I need to find something – in fact, several somethings (something different for each Star Party) that is quick, simple, and not terribly messy.  I don’t want to wear out our welcome at RRC, and I don’t want it to be something that it a disaster in the car on the way home.  Hey, I’m a mom – I know how you feel about those “gifts” that trash the inside of your car.

So I’ve been searching, and where better to look than Pinterest (my secret addiction).  This is what I’ve come up with so far:

Good idea, or making my life harder (something I excel at)?  What do you think?  Have any good science-y activities?


Make Your Own Snow Globe

It certainly is wintry outside today – at least, it’s wintry for Central Texas.  Our neighbors to the north in Dallas-Ft.Worth got some snow, but we didn’t get any.

Thinking about snow – or our lack of snow – made me think about snow globes.  So, I did a little searching, and I found a website with directions on making your own snow globe with things you probably have at home.  Might be a fun project for those of us with no snow, or for those kids at home today because the schools are closed.  Here’s the link: