About ACCHaoS

IMG_1864ACCHaoS – Austin Community College Hands-On Science –  is a hands-on traveling science program, created by Dr. Paul Williams, professor of Physics at Austin Community College.  He modeled ACCHaoS on a similar program – Little Shop of Physics – at Colorado State University.  After spending a year’s sabbatical with Little Shop, Dr. Williams created ACCHaoS to bring science fun to the Central Texas area.

ACCHaoS’s mission is to encourage kids to explore, experiment and think like scientists. Our staff is on hand to guide and encourage the kids to touch, play, experiment, and figure things out on their own. Sometimes they teach us things!  Most of all, we want them to realize that science is fun!

Our website:  www.go.austincc.edu/acchaos

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/ACCHaoS

Twitter:  @acchaos4u

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  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! My oldest loves science and I have a hard time finding free things to attend that aren’t in north Austin. 😀 I’ll check back often to see what’s coming up!


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