ACCHaoS: A New School Visit

Tomorrow the ACCHaoS gang will visit Summit Elementary in Austin for the first time.  Our plan is to be there at 7:30, sign in,  and then spend about an hour bringing in  the boxes and setting up the activities.  We’ll see our first class at 8:45.  We’ll see only fifth graders this time, and each class will spend about an hour and five minutes with us.  We’ll see four groups of students, and we’ll be there until 2:15.


This is how a usual visit goes:  Paul spends about 5 minutes talking to each class about what scientist do.  He shows them different kinds of lights, and they get to look at them through the glasses we give them (and they get to take them home).  He talks about how scientists have tools (the glasses, in this case) and they use them to learn more about different things.  He tells that another important thing that scientists do is to share their findings, and as scientists,  the kids should share with a friend when they find something cool while they’re exploring the ACCHaoS activities.  And then he turns them loose to explore!


I’m always amazed at how involved the kids get in the activities.  Even if it’s something they’ve seen before, like the tornado in a bottle, they still seem fascinated by it.  I think that they really enjoy being able to touch, explore,  and do things.

Between classes, we straighten up, and put things back in place.  They do get moved around – but that’s the point:  they’re there to be experienced.

So, we’re off to Summit tomorrow.  I’ll share our experience, and some pictures when we get back!

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