Rethinking Science Education

I came across this article from NPR called “Rethinking How Kids Learn Science.”

The article states, “new studies are showing that the places to teach science, places where kids will soak up science, are not in the classrooms, but museum trips, TV shows, afterschool clubs, even radio shows about science.”  With cuts to education in Texas public schools, could we best improve our students’ success in the sciences by offering more hands-on learning, and activities such as the Outdoor School (, where student spend a weekend learning about science?  Should some of our funding be directed toward out of the classroom learning?

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  1. Absolutely, and AMEN! Our elementary school sends all 5th graders to the Outdoor School in Marble Falls on Lake LBJ. They learn interesting things! Some of those children had never spent a night away from their parents. It was a great experience.


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